Unlocking your potential in business and life

Are you a successful entrepreneur looking to scale up your business for massive international growth? Maybe you’re a visionary who has the seed of an idea that will lead a global revolution, but you just aren’t sure where to start? Or you could be a stay-at-home mum who wants a change in life and knows that you deserve something more…

Bernie can help.

From vision-to-launch services supporting maverick inventors and entrepreneurs, to individual empowerment coaching, Bernie’s global multiplex enterprise is dedicated to helping you unlock your full potential, and achieve your most audacious goals in business and in life. If you have a vision that’s just too big for anyone to handle – Bernie will help you launch rockets. 🚀


She does everything a bit unconventionally… – About Bernie

Bernie Hung is a multidisciplinary serial entrepreneur, practising lawyer, and a qualified motivational and performance coach, Bernie knows what it takes to unlock your full potential.

Through her global multiplex of businesses, Bernie’s unique expertise blends inspirational business mentorship, no-fuss legal facilitation, and transformational coaching to empower entrepreneurs and individuals to harness their inspiration and bring revolutionary visions to life.

Bernie is the best in the world at helping her clients be the best in their world. A practising lawyer who has spent more than two decades deftly counselling multinational business professionals on intellectual property and technology, brand protection, corporate commercial, franchising, licensing, distribution such as franchising, licensing, retail, wholesale and e-commerce, Bernie blends strategic legal expertise, shrewd business consultancy and revolutionary empowerment coaching to help high-performing pioneers grow seeds of ideas into thriving forests of wildly successful ventures that change humanity for the better.

Above all, Bernie is passionate about serving people and fostering positive change. She knows that every client is authentically different, which is grounds for celebration. If you are ready to DISCOVER your talent, REVEAL your journey, and LIVE your purpose – you are in the right place.

“I want to thank Bernie for helping me find my own confidence to accelerate my progression in my career, and in life.” — Krystal, machine learning infrastructure engineer, U.K.

“I would not hesitate to recommend Bernie to anyone who seeks to be a better version of themselves.” – Jessie, Hong Kong

“I can confidently say that I am a different person for the better since working with Bernie. Her attention to detail, care for clients, and dedication to helping an individual to be their best comes through in such a genuine manner, it would be hard not to grow working with her!” – Suranga, creativity coach, USA


Flight Control for Your Rocket Launch

BlueBox Rocket is a revolutionary Vision-to-Launch service helping pioneering entrepreneurs, limitless creators and disruptive CEOs scale their business for massive expansion and blast ideas into the stratosphere. While BlueBox Rocket is not for kids, those who are young-at-heart and ready to achieve their HIGHEST fulfilment in life will thrive here.

You are the pilot of your rocket.

Why not be an extreme pioneer and conscious creator?

Bernie invites you to unleash the untapped potential to realise dreams you’ve yet to have.


Not only a fearless defender of intellectual property — Bernie is a rebel lawyer

Access to vast Chinese, Asian and online markets is essential for transnational companies in a post-covid or post-Brexit world.

But having a carefully nurtured brand and a proprietary product, service or technology savagely copied by your local business partner or some pirates in the online and offline marketplaces can be devastatingly costly to companies big and small.

Not on Bernie’s watch.

Bernie has over 20 years of experience in intellectual property and technology, media and entertainment, corporate commercial, and corporate governance particularly in China, Hong Kong and Asia Pacific. Having worked in first-tier international law firms and the third largest luxury fashion group in the world, she is uniquely positioned to help you protect and monetise your intangible assets. If you have a problem (or want to prevent one) with a shareholder, board member, employee, manufacturer, supplier, contractor, designer, distributor, franchisee, licensee or a third-party infringer, Bernie can help.

Known for her integrity, intuitive and methodical understanding of senior management and in-house counsel’s values, priorities, and needs way beyond intellectual property, and with a proven track record delivering innovative, strategic and sustainable solutions in a cost-effective manner, Bernie is your quasi-General Counsel who guides you through times of change and meets your business objectives, operating as an essential business advisor to the board as well as a solution enabler.

Bernie is a rebel lawyer who not only has professional legal skills, but also acute business acumen and empowering coaching skills. She is her clients’ closest business and personal ally, who empowers them to discover new horizons for themselves and for their organisations.


Rebel Law School, where excellent lawyers learn to be authentic, unconventional lawyers

Being an effective lawyer means more than graduating top of your class, drafting transactional documents in your sleep, and silencing a client’s competitor in a lawsuit.

Clients need more than sound legal strategy, advice and drafting, this is a given. They need unconventional lawyers who thrive in the business world and speak human language. They need empathetic lawyers who can professionally coach them to where they want to be.

Welcome to the Rebel Law School (RLS), where Bernie and her esteemed team help brilliant lawyers gain multidisciplinary skills they don’t teach in law schools or law firms.

Revolutionising the legal industry through our teaching, research, and partnerships, Rebel Law School brings in and trains excellent, all-rounded, unconventional, fun-to-work-with lawyers with extreme professionalism, utmost integrity and immense passion in service.

RESIST allegiance to perceived stereotypes about stuffy lawyers rubber-stamping briefs or arrogant lawyers who can only talk; it’s time we serve our clients with our true colours.

STEP into your authentic authority.

HARNESS your maverick creativity as a leader.

Rebel Law school offers a range of programmes for junior and senior lawyers in private practice or working as in-house counsel.


Reclaim your Arcadia

If the chaotic, cluttered or claustrophobic state of your home stresses you and the relationships with your family members and you don’t know how or where to start to fix this, Bernie can help.

The space you share together is your sanctuary, it should reflect the love and happiness that exists between you and your loved ones.

Bernie is a professional tidying coach trained by Marie Kondo and one of her highly sought-after KonMari® Consultants.

She can help you tidy up your home, office, mind, and heart spaces to spark joy in every aspect in your life.

“Feel like an angel visited my house today!” – Gabbie G., U.K.


Stop giving up on your health!

Why is it that people hang on to sugar even though we know it makes us obese, rots our teeth, and destroys our organs?

If you want to finally shake off those unhealthy pounds for good, have more energy to pursue your passions, and spend quality and quantity time with your loved ones, reach out to Bernie.

Bernie is a Ketogenic and Intermittent Fasting Coach certified by keto guru Dr Eric Berg; she is also a Certified Life & Success Coach certified by Jay Shetty.

She is deeply passionate about educating people on how to sustain the ketogenic and whole-food lifestyle in an easy, fun and sweet way.

You don’t need the sugars; you are enough.


Unleash your lustre with authenticity, motivational and performance coaching

Bernie knows her clients often need to harness their courage in order to stand resolutely in the face of limiting beliefs and self-doubt. Fearlessly pursuing dreams often means boldly stepping off a cliff toward an unfamiliar horizon. Let’s face it, that can be scary for anyone.

This is why a professionally trained and genuinely empathetic coach can be so valuable to a budding entrepreneur or an accomplished CEO seeking to level up professionally and personally.

You’re a rare pearl and the world is your oyster.

“Bernie is a compassionate listener and a very good coach. Each time I work with her, she brings a new perspective to the issue we discuss. I recommend Bernie with all my heart.” – Dana, Belgium


Books to help young adults achieve their wildest dreams

Charlotte, an aspiring fictional fashionista, knows that the journey is just as important as the final goal. Her secret? Life hacks!
In Bernie’s critically acclaimed young adult novella, Charlotte offers 55 tips to help sustain motivation and establish organised routines to reach your full potential. It’s okay if you’re not an accomplished entrepreneur just yet. This empowering guide explains that success can be found even in the smallest things.

Just a few examples:

  • ​Befriend your fears and soothe yourself through activities that connect you to the mind, heart, body, and soul.
  • ​Organise your time and increase your productivity without losing sight of the much-needed quality of life;
  • Improve your relationships with everyone around you and safely express repressed feelings.

Improve your relationships with everyone around you and safely express repressed feelings.

“A well-written and compelling book that will help you achieve your extraordinary or unimaginable dreams. The defining soul-stirring sentence in the book, ‘My level of hope is directly connected to how bad I want something to happen’ is what I thought was one of the most evocative and powerful parts of the book that is written over four sections and 55 small chapters. What I loved most in the books were the chapters, ‘Celebrate small wins’, ‘Cut the CRAP’, ‘Find the Lion’s Courage’, and ‘Ask What Did I learn from This Failure?’. Highly recommended book for all those entrepreneurs and seekers aspiring for something exceptional to happen in their lives.”

Pat Michell, USA


Bernie invests in her passion projects such as a quirky but homely coffee shop in Whetstone North London. She is now setting up a youth club there as she is passionate to serve children, teens and parents in her local community.

Kinship and community with a side of entrepreneurship

The mission of the BlueBox coffee shop is to offer choice, sustainability and human connection at an affordable price.

First and foremost our goal is to create great tasting food, whatever that means for you — ketogenic, low-carb, refined sugar-free, vegetarian, or downright ‘naughty’. Oh, and we believe life begins after coffee and tea, so we treat them with the respect they have faithfully earned.

When our souls are happy, they talk about food.

Gratitude. Confidence. Courage: Welcome to BlueBox FRIENDS

A membership club for 7 to 15-year-old boys and girls, BlueBox F.R.I.E.N.D.S. is about empowering and expanding children’s worldview through math club (helping build valuable money/finance/entrepreneur skills); infinite games club (memory activities, magic/card games, language challenges); cooking classes using super brain foods as main ingredients; and clubs to learn social skills, team collaboration, arts and crafts, and storytelling.

You’re already a BlueBox FRIEND! You just need to register 🙂

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